9 Decorative Things To Buy This Diwali in less than Rs 999

The season of Festivals is here in which Diwali is among the most favorite festivals of year. The festival where family, friends ,colleagues etc. gather with each other and share happiness.So this Diwali share the happiness by spreading love and cheerfulness by giving gifts to honor your love ones and to make them feel Special. Here are the few budget friendly items which you can gift this Diwali.

1.Gold Plated Lakshmi Ganesha Idol for Diwali Home Decoration

Diwali gifts are incomplete without the idol of lord Ganesha and Lakshmi , Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles in persons life and Godess Laxmi Is the symbol of wealth & prosperity.


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2.AtneP Tree Home Decoration 24 LED Lighting

Decorative lights tree a unique gift and a space friendly gift which you in any corner of your Home ,Garden, Bedroom, Living Room, Balcony. Its a gift which is portable to move anywhere.

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3.Smart Deal Plastic Hanging Pot

Plastic hanging pots are the best gift for the people who loves to be around plants, flower and greenery. It can be hung easily in balcony or in garden area of home and loved by those who loves eco-friendly Diwali. A perfect gift for the nature lovers.

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4.eCraftIndia Golden Handcrafted Palm Buddha Poly resin

Buddha is the symbol of peace and calmness. If you are a person who loves to decorate there home or office according to Feng-shui then its the perfect item for you. Easy to put on work table or in Showcase area of your home. Its the best gift for those people who loves peace.

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5.Citra Waterproof Remote Control Led Strip Light for Home,Office,Diwali,Eid & Christmas Decoration

Diwali is all about Lights so its a multipurpose light which can be use in many ways to decorate the house or your favorite area. Easy to use and handle and one of the unique feature of this product is that it comes with a remote so that you can easily change color of light with just one click.

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6.Jiada LED Balloons for Party Festival Celebrations

Many people loves to decorate their homes with colorful balloons but what if the balloon have lights and that also glow in night. A solitary and uncommon idea to make your love ones happy. Try this Diwali lighting balloons .


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7.eCraftIndia Shadow Ganesh Ji Metal Tea Light Holder

Ganesh Ji Metal Tea Light Holder is a small yet a meaningful gift for this Diwali. Lord Ganesh helps people to remove all kind of hindrances in their life. Every puja is incomplete without him, he is also known as Vighnharta. So gift your love ones Vighnharta Ganesh to remove all kind of obstacles in their paths.

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8.Sacred Blessings™ Buddha Face Golden Head Idol on Decorated Tray

Its another type of gift of Lord Buddha, which comes with a candle. Lord Buddha always show the right path to people so the candle and his statue indicates same thing. Its one of the most auspicious gift can be given this Diwali so that your loves one can find right path.

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9.Vastu – Fengshui Transparent Crystal Lotus for Positive Energy A Gift Item for Good Luck & Prosperity

Feng-shui items are known and used by many people. In China Lotus is known as “Lian Hua” . Lotus flower is favorite flower of Godess Laxmi. It is also known as Good Luck charm . Gift this Crystal Lotus flower to your people so that good luck rain all over them.

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