When it comes to employment , UAE is the every first thing which comes instantly in peoples mind. It’s a hub which provides many job opportunities. Every year a mass force of people comes to jobs in Dubai and other regions of UAE to get their dream job. And with the upcoming EXPO 2020 in Dubai many new opportunities are on the way. Here are the few tips to get your desired jobs in Dubai.

Here are few points which you must be aware of for searching jobs in dubai.

1.    Best time search jobs in Dubai is in the Month of January February & March

Every country has different criteria to hire the employees for the designated position, same thing applies in UAE. In UAE the best time to search jobs in Dubai is in the month of January February and march because UAE works on a contractual basis and every contract is renewed in these t here months depending upon the company. It is the peek time to search for a job as many people switch their companies, some returns to their home countries due to which there is a vast opening of job vacancies.

2.    Make sure you have a Valid Visa

It is the most important point which one should never miss. Searching jobs in Dubai can be done from any country .If you are planning go to UAE and search job you must know the visa process and details .Before entering in UAE make sure that you have an up to date and valid visa along with all the required documents. UAE is very strict when it comes to rules & regulations so try to respect their law. If you entering UAE for a job hunt try to get a visit visa of 90 days because the more you going to stay there the better jobs can be hunted and if not 90 days then at least get a valid visit visa of 30 days. For more details on visa you can visit the following link

3.    Try to Have a UAE contact Number

The first thing you should do as soon as you enter in UAE is to get a UAE sim card which can be easily available in airports, or in places like Al Madina , Nesto . There are two connections available one is Etisalat and other is DU, you can buy either one all you need is to present your passport and copy of Visa to activate your sim. It is the most important thing to get a UAE contact number because when the recruiters check out your CV and if you mentioned a UAE number in your CV it increases the chances for you to get a call from recruiters.


4.    Apply online in Various Job Portals

Now days to apply for jobs in Dubai a person is only one click away, there are many job portals available but only few job portals are best which are as follows

Bayt.com (It is one of the top rated website for the job seekers in UAE)


Khaleej Times Jobs








If possible try to get a paid membership in your choice of job portals as it will increase your chances of selection. By getting paid membership your profile will be highlighted among the recruiters which will make easy for them to call and schedule an interview. I would recommend getting a paid membership in byat.com or naukrigulf.com rest depends upon your choice.

5.    Work on Your CV

Your CV is the first impressions on the recruiters try to make it as good as possible. Just by having a look on your CV the recruiters decide to call you for an interview or not. If you are applying for a job in UAE try to use an International format of CV. Make sure you also put your photograph in your CV. Highlight your Skills, Work experience, Education. Apart from that if you have any certificates associated with work kindly mention them as it will increase your chances of selection. Do not mention those things on your resume which you don’t know or you don’t have a valid document as a proof to present. Make your CV according to job requirement for this it is highly recommended to edit your CV before applying and make at least two to three types of CV and use accordingly.

6.    Cover Letter

Many people don’t know what a cover letter is and how recruiters react on cover letter. Well let me tell you Cover letter is a single page letter which is send along with your resume. It contains some additional information about you. In a cover letter you can write your key skills, your previous work experience in detail any why you are fit for the role which you have applied. You can also mention your visa status and years of work experience you have. Your cover letter should not be very complicated try to use simple yet impactful words. The recruiters find it very professional when you enclose your CV along with your cover letter. With the help of cover letter you get a place in recruiters mind.

7.    Have Patience

As it is said patience is a key of success try to make yourself calm don’t get dishearten if you don’t get any call or mails. Wait for the right time many people try to rush and get settled for less than what they deserve. Do not make this mistake. As earlier it is said different companies have different policies so try to wait for the right time. In the month of February and March more than thousand job vacancies comes so do not hurry.

8.    Tips to nail Interview

Take interview as a positive process. Dress in a professional way there is a dress code for interview for jobs in Dubai and other parts of UAE, both for Men & Women it is important to wear White Shirt, Black Trouser & Black Coat along with Black shoes. Have a copy of your CV along with Cover letter, Passport copy, Visa Copy and few passport size photographs. You should also carry your documents with you in case the interviewer asks you to present anything.  Have complete knowledge about the job profile and company. Don't get to casual while giving interview. Tell them about your salary expectation and before signing any documents make sure you read each and everything thoroughly.





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