10 Most Beautiful Places to See in Singapore

Holidays are everyone’s favorite time of the year, but they can become the worst time of the year if they aren’t planned well, and may be boring if they are well planned but the right locations aren’t selected for maximum enjoyment.

Planning a trip to Singapore? Here’s a simple guide that’ll show you the 10 most beautiful places you need to visit in Singapore.

Grab your cameras, get set… let’s go.

  1. Chinatown: chinatownWant to have a feel of what it’s like to be in China right in Singapore? Head over to Chinatown. There are enough Chinese food, culture, and excitement here. Visit the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, the Buddha Tooth Relic temple, and even the Chinese Heritage Centre and you’ll be glad you did. There’s free WiFi here… So you can download and surf for as long as you like.
  2. Marina Bay: marina bayCompare the Marina Bay in Singapore to that of Dubai. They’re both beautiful, and just like the Dubai Marina, the Marina Bay in Singapore is one of the best places to hangout at night, although the day won’t be boring either. Check out the science museum, casinos, and restaurants that offer mouth-watering dishes.
  3. Universal Studios Singapore: 1280px-Universal_Studio_Singapore_moved_logo_(91)This is a one of its kind park in Singapore, and is arguably the first of its kind in South East Asia. It has over 20 themed areas for the family; adults and children alike. Within the confines of this spectacular fun park are the world’s tallest intertwining roller coasters.
  4. Clarke Quay: 1_clarke_quay_singapore_night_2014Many cities in the world cannot boast of a quay like the Clarke quay in Singapore. The picturesque riverside is one place many would love to spend more time at given the fact that the beauty of the environment is simply astonishing. There are more than enough clubs, bars, and restaurants where you can have fun till you can have no more of it.
  5. Gardens by the Bay: gardens by the bayYour attention will definitely be drawn to the gardens when you’re having a great time at the marina bay. This is such a beautiful garden that makes one wonder how it was formed. Wander through the various sections of the garden; the Bay East Garden, the Supertree Grove, and even the Cloud Forest Dome.
  6. Raffles Hotel: Raffles_Hotel_–_Singapore_(4142238787)It’s not every day you get to see a 19th-century hotel standing firm and strong, but here in Singapore, the Raffles Hotel built in 1887 still stands firm. It’s regarded as the last grand 19th-century hotel which played host to luminaries and movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin.
  7. Singapore Zoo: 1024px-Singapore_Zoo_entrance-15Feb2010Ever imagined having a meal with other animal species? Of course not. Well, the Singapore Zoo offers a breakfast with orangutans. Unbelievable right? It’s worth every visit there. The large well-maintained zoo brings nature’s finest touch to you as you explore it. You can head over to the Jurong Bird Park to wrap up your day.
  8. Sentosa Island: sentosaThe Island presents a variety of choice spots to see in Singapore; some of them are tourist hotspots. The Siloso beach, the Underwater World aquarium, and the Fort Siloso, Singapore’s only preserved fort. Don’t forget to try flying a water-propelled jet pack at the Wave House.
  9. Little India: little indiaExperience Little India in Singapore and you’ll be wowed by the liveliness of the place. Grab your favorite stuff from the Mustafa, a 24-hour department store that sells virtually everything you can think of before you head into the any of the restaurants around to have a taste of the aroma that has been tingling your nose.
  10. Botanic Gardens: botanic gardensOver 60,000 orchid plants abound at the National Orchid Garden within the confines of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. Spend time in the serene natural environment where you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of nature.

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