Review UFC 199 – A night to remeber

UFC 199

Even after four days i m having a hangover of the phenomenon i.e
UFC 199. What an event! . The action inside the octagon and
outside it will make people believe they are on dope.Too much
action, too much excitement too much agony.

First the announcement of main event for UFC202 between Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz. There were times before it looked impossible to book this highly anticipated rematch between the two. But better sense prevailed and the match was booked.It was an welcome relief for the MMA fans.The story and the drama associated with it makes it the biggest non-title match in the history of UFC. After the UFC200 fans can expect the great buildup to this event by the PROMO king Conor Mcgregor himself and the anti hero Nate Diaz.Fans can look forward to the banters between the two will be epic but i expect the Conor to be  little subdued as he his coming from a loss.Mark the date for the press conference of UFC202.

The Co main event between Uriah faber and Dominic Cruz was a one sided affair.With Cruz dominating and outclassing in every aspects of fighting might let Faber to think about his future.But Faber has a match waiting to happen with TJ Dilshaw. The story related to it might led UFC to book this fight.But Faber loosing and Dilshaw having a match booked at UFC200 might delay it.Cruz will have to wait for winner between TJ Dilshaw Vs Raphel Assuncao or can ask UFC for another fight ,most likely Cody Garbrandt.

The Epic Promo of UFC200 featuring all the Fighters and Brock lesner on the maincard will put a chill down your spine.  The promo was best that has come from the UFC .What made the Promo that worthwile was the introduction of Brock lesner at the end with him saying “can you see me now” . The image of Brock will be in your mind for a while for you to forget.The Promo was filled with awesomeness and make you fill for more.The addition Of Brock completes the UFC200.UFC200 was lacking a superstar and momentum ,Brock provides both.Now with that momentum and buzz expect the PPV sells of UFC200 will be almost similar to UFC100 if not more.Expect more promos.

Ariel Helwnani the noted UFC 199_2MMA journalist was booted out the Event just minute before the main event by UFC. His crime was he announced the addition of Brock to UFC200 before UFC announced.He was blocked from covering any future events.  INSTEAD of blocking the leak UFC did that was unreasonable.Ariel has denied that he has somebody in the company whom UFC calls “Mole” to pass the information. But better sense prevailed and UFC has lifted the ban. MMA is a new sport and its needs media to promote it and spread it. What UFC doesn’t want is  blockbuster announcement being to be  made by them not to be done by others.Hope everybody be within their limit not cross each others boundary.

The main event between Luke Rockhold and Micheal Bisping was  off the charts. Rockhold looked cocky and overconfident and because of all the verbal abuse between them,he looked for a Highlight reel finish. Rockhold was not fluent as usually is and wasn’t using his kicks and lowered his guards down for that highlight Finish. Bisping connected with a left hand straight hook to the chin of Luke and then connected twice . For Bisping, Jacare is the next and it has opened up the division.

looking forward to UFC fight night ottawa: McDonald between Thompson

and the Monster UFC200 next month.



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