Things To Know Before Accepting A Job Offer



“Hi Congratulations,

You have been selected for the Job Position you have been interviewed,

 Kindly come to office for joining formalities”


As soon as the job seeker heard the above lines from HR department of a company after giving interview ‘He’ Or ‘She’ thinks “finally the struggle days are over as I have grabbed this opportunity” or “I got Job Offer”. Getting employed is one of the best things which can happen in a person’s life. But there are few very important points a person should check before accepting the job offer of company.


1. Company’s Review

This is the most important point one should never avoid. Always try to read company’s review given or rated by the employees. As employees always give the most honest review about the company. There are some websites like,, etc. Where you can find out the most honest review given by the current employee or former employee of the organisation. These reviews will bring out the clear picture of the organization related to work culture, target, job security etc.


2. Attrition Rate

Before elaborating this point first know the meaning of this phrase “Attrition Rate” So, the term Attrition Rate refers to the phenomenon of people leaving an organization. Company with high Attrition Rate are usually not people friendly .There might be some problem with the management or the work culture of the organization is not very good. There are also chances that Job security is not there or the work environment is not ethical. Therefore this is the most important point which you should check before accepting job offer.


3. Offer Letter

Offer Letter refers to the formal acceptance of job offer. Before accepting a job offer letter make sure you read each and every point carefully. Check about the job roles and responsibilities, and few hidden points. Clear each and every doubt there is no harm in it . Most importantly is to ask for a hard copy as well as soft copy of offer letter with proper seal and signature of company. In few companies specially small ones they don’t give hard copy to the employees and ask them to start working immediately , this is a trap don’t fall for it. It’s right of a person to ask for the signature hard copy of the offer letter and if the organization is not providing you this never ever join that company.

4. Designation

Let’s discuss this point by taking an example, while being interviewed you have applied for the Designation of “HR Executive” but as soon as you receive your offer letter your designation is mentioned as “Consultant” and while asking about this particular thing HR of the organization tries to manipulates you telling that they give “Consultant Designation to everyone”. At that time immediately ask them to put the correct designation on the offer letter for which you have been interviewed not the designation which they are putting according to their mood.

5. Salary and Other Deductions

This is the most important point to check before joining any company. You must check what’s your Annual income, how much you are going to get in hand salary every month. Are they paying any other extra allowances or not. In few company there are some extra deductions in the CTC, ask the HR team what kind of deductions are they? Why they are deducting these things? Check that you are eligible for those deductions or not , because few companies they deduct a particular amount from employees CTC in the name of tax but every time it is not correct they just simply deduct from salary and while asking they are not able to give a proper justified answer.


6. Salary Slip

There are few companies which don’t give the salary slip to their employees and if they are asking about salary slip they will make many excuses. Salary slip is a proof of per month salary which is being credited in employees account. Check that the organization which you are going to join is giving salary slip to their employees or not. Reason few companies don’t giver salary slip to their employee is to hide tax part of the company.

7. Employee Leave

In every organization leave management is different, few companies give 30 days’ leave on yearly basis and few companies give 45 days’ leave on yearly basis, few companies they give 15 days’ leave on yearly basis. Check how many leaves your company is giving. How many paid leaves an employee can have how many unpaid leaves they are providing? Kindly discuss these points before accepting job offer.

8. Management Behavior

Management behavior is the most point which people usually ignore .Before accepting a job offer ,if it is possible talk to the former employee or ex employee of that organization, because the person who has worked there will be able to tell more better .


Hope this will be helpful for the readers who are going to accept job offer from a company.

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