Top 10 Exciting Places Visit in Spain

Bienvenido a Espana! Welcome to Spain. That’s the sign out at the entrance to Spain’s airport.. Rich in culture, a strong affinity for education given that it’s home to some of the best universities in Europe, Spain is one country that has what it takes to make a holiday as interesting as can be for a tourist. Check out Cordoba’s great Mosque and the burial site of St. James, and get closer to your religion.

Without much ado, here are 10 beautiful places to visit in Spain.

  1. The Great Mosque of Cordoba: mezquitaBuilt many centuries ago, this mosque which has a Catholic cathedral beside it, is one of the largest of its kind in the world, and is seen as a true representation of Moorish architecture. It’s also known as the Mezquita.
  2. Guggenheim Museum: guggenheim museumThe Guggenheim museum is a sight to behold. Its soaring magnificent titanium curves shows how creative the Spanish people can be. It’s close to a metro and an airport, both designed by Norman Foster and Santiago Calatrava respectively. Treat yourself to cod (bacalao) at restaurants around the museum. You’d surely enjoy your stay here.
  3. Palacio Real: 1280px-Palacio_Real_de_Madrid_-_03The Royal Palace was built sometime in the 1700s and was first occupied by King Carlos III in 1764 after its completion. Till date, the palace has played a very vital role in governance in Spain and is the official residence of the King of Spain whilst it’s also being used to host government functions as the case may be. Talk about the Grand Palace in Thailand and the Palacio Real comes to mind.
  4. Alhambra Granada: 1280px-The_whole_Alhambra_Granada_SpainThe terraced gardens, the delicate filigrees, tie-lined ceilings and the arches and courtyards are just a tip of the iceberg you can only see in pictures in this place that brings to bear the magnificence of Moorish architecture.
  5. Prado & Preso del Artes Madrid: Museo_del_Prado_(Madrid)_02Boulevard of the Arts… That’s what the mile long shaded boulevard that houses the largest concentration of art treasures in the world is referred to. Want to see works from notable artists of old and present, then you need to avail yourself an opportunity to visit any of the art museums; the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the CaixaForum, to mention a few.
  6. San Lorenzo de El Escorial: El_EscorialThis used to be the home where Spanish kings spent their summer, so there’s no need to wonder how the splendor-filled and luxurious lavish environment came about. Work began here in the 1500 and it houses a church, a monastery, a mausoleum, a museum, a library, to mention a few. Don’t forget to visit the Baroque burial vault of the Spanish Kings.
  7. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona: bull festivalThis is an all-time top favorite Spanish festival where the participants honor their patron saint. Grab a lamb meal at any of the restaurants around and help yourself out if you can’t join in the race in front of the bulls. Be sure to register for the event early enough or you might miss out considering the fact that thousands of participants make it to the ceremony yearly.
  8. The Sierra Nevada: Sierra_NevadaHere’s one national park in Spain which has peaks that are higher than others in the whole Iberian Peninsula, reeking of the best flora and fauna that can survive in the beautiful place. Feel the beauty of natural Spain here.
  9. San Sebastian: san sebastianTake a trip with your family to this beautiful beach town and have the nicest time of your life. This town is home to the Playa de la Concha beach, one of the best in the Spain and Europe. Go Kayaking or water skiing here, and have some great fun.
  10. Salamanca: Salamanca_2008Often referred to as the Golden City because of the golden hue color cast on its buildings when the sun is setting – thanks to the sandstone from nearby quarries – Salamanca is a city to visit. Believe it or not, this town has had a university since 1218. Go check it out.

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