Top 10 Mistakes People Make During Interview


A job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time.

Here is the list of 10 common mistakes people make at the time of interview

Not Being On Time

This is the common and most annoying habit of people. Remember the famous quote "Time is Money" said by Benjamin Franklin. Not being on time will create a very bad impression. Try to reach on Interview venue before 15 minutes. Being late for an interview is very unprofessional behavior.It shows a disrespect towards the Interviewer and towards a company.


Did Not Wear Proper Attire

Going for an Interview one should wear proper formal cloths. There is a quote, said by Tom Ford "Dressing well is a form of good manners" . Avoid casual wear during interview. Wear a proper formal wear while going for an interview. For example solid color shirt, trousers or skirt is optional. Coat or Blazers and Black polished shoes. You can also wear a Tie. Try to avoid extra accessories. Just wear something smart and simple.


Did Not Update Their CV / Resume

While going for an interview you should update your resume suitably. Resume should be updated correctly. Crosscheck the each and every points. Sometimes previous duration of work tenure is not mentioned. Contact number, address, email-id should be updated correctly in your resume. Update your roles and responsibilities of previous company.This is the common mistake people make.So try to avoid it.


Do Not Present False Documents

Going for an interview you should not present false documents. Sometimes people present fake certificates in front of interviewers. Do not take any interviewer for granted. If Interviewer will ask some questions related to that, and you are not able to answer . Then it will create a bad impression. Try to avoid this thing. Present only those documents which are ethically correct.

Bad Mouthing About Previous Company

If interviewer is asking questions about your previous company. Try to give a positive feedback. Never bad mouth about your previous company. If you will tell bad things or you will give bad feedback. There are high chances interviewer will create a bad image of you. He/She will think it is in your nature to give bad feedback. So try to avoid this.As it will decrease your chances of selection.


Being Too Casual During Interview

There is a thin line between being too professional and being too casual. Don't be over friendly with the interviewer. Answer what is being asked. Don't be over friendly and too relaxed. Remember you have a very limited time at the time of interview. Try to optimize and utilize that time.Speak about your professional life more. Do not disclose too much personal information. Remember your have being called to fill a vacant position in company.


Talking About Salary Part First

During the first 5 minutes of interview. Do not ask about salary part more. Discuss about it when asked. Talking about the salary part first will simply kill the conversation. Salary is the part which should always be discussed at last. Firstly try to put a impactful and strong impression. Talk more about work experience . Discuss about roles and responsibility more. Let the interviewer ask question about salary part. Only then discuss about your expected salary.


Did Not Have Proper Research

Sometimes while being asked " What did you know about our company?" . People don't give proper answers. As they did not do proper research. Read and gather information about the company for which you are going. Read about the company. When it was founded. Age of the company. Domain of the company. You should have accurate information about your role. Be prepared and have a proper research. Just don't be blank when asked a certain question.

Did Not Talk Much About Themselves

"Tell me something about yourself ? " This is the most common question. This question is always asked. So speak as much as you can. Tell them why you are fit for the job. Why they should hire you. Not speaking about yourself will never help you out. Just think this is the only opportunity you have. Sometimes people don't speak much. They give answer in one or two line. Which is not enough. Try to tell about all the positive points about you. So that interviewer can be impressed.


Did Not Give Appropriate Answers

There are some questions for which people don't give appropriate answers. For example " Why should we hire you?".  " What is your Strength and Weakness?". "Where do you see yourself  in Five Years ? " . " What is Goal of your life? " . These are some common questions for which people don't give appropriate answers. Never speak unnecessary things. Give only those answers which are satisfactory. Avoid being too cliche. As it can reduce your chances of selection.


Hope it would be useful for you and you will try to avoid these 10 common mistakes while going for an Interview.

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