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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

~Winston S. Churchill


The year 2020 has come up with many surprises. Many unexpected things have taken places. The biggest breakdown is Covid 19. Due to this pandemic many things are suffering. Peoples health, Countries economy, education sector have suffered major downfall. People have to self quarantine themselves, as there is no option left. But why not make some best use of this quarantine period. Why not use this quarantine period, to earn and make some extra money online.

Here are the top seven things to do in this quarantine period. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. So that you can reach out maximum people.


  1. Freelancer

It’s never late to start work. If you are a person who wants to work freely from your location. On a project basis then Freelancer jobs are your best spot. There are many websites, which pays you if you work as a freelancer for them. Freelancing can be very helpful in this quarantine period. You can place bid according to the work. You decide the delivery date. It’s one of the golden platforms, which can make some extra money for you.


  1. Online Teaching

Teaching is considered as one of the noble professions. Now days when the education institutes are closed due to this pandemic. Online teaching has become only major source to run the institutions. Online teaching can be very helpful in this quarantine period. You can teach students with the help of web meeting. All you have to do is decide few things. What you want to teach? When you want to give lessons? Lastly, how many person you want to teach at a time.


  1. Write Blogs for money

Writing blogs can never be a bad idea. If you know the art of writing then blogging is for you. Become a blogger write contents and make some money from them. There are various websites which will pay you to write a blog for them. If you have knowledge then why not monetize it. For example, you can write travel blogs, education blogs, cooking blogs, and many more. If given a chance, this quarantine can bring out a hidden writer in you.



  1. Sell DIY Mask

Everyone knows that since the Covid-19 has arrived. The sales of Mask have become talk of the town. Now every person needs a mask. Without mask it’s very hard to step outside of your home. People don’t want to put their health on risk. Since the demand of mask is very high, why not start selling homemade mask to people for lesser rate. DIY (Do It Yourself) mask are easy to made and cheaper than the other mask. There are few websites where you can sell homemade masks. You can get a handsome amount after selling it.


  1. Salary based work from jobs

As we all know it is the time when every work is done from home. Then why not do work from home jobs where you can work like an employee of the company. There are some jobs where you can work online. These jobs will pay you on salary basis. Just like any other company. You can work as a Virtual assistant for a company.  Customer Service Representative Jobs can also be done from home. You can also work as a social media handler for an organization. All you need to do is search and apply professionally for these jobs. Then wait for the Interview call. If everything will be on a right track then you can start as soon as you are hired.


  1. Hobbies that make money

There is a quote which says “ If you are good at something never do it for free”. Taking an account on this quote. People should never miss a chance to grab an opportunity. This quarantine period has given a huge amount of time to every individual to explore more about their hobbies. So if you are good in it then why not make some income from those hobbies. You can sell Decorative items online like Candles, Paintings, Knitting items. You can also sell home cooked food to the people why can’t go outside. There are people who don’t want to order food from restaurant. You can sell your food to them.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

It’s one the most trusted way to earn money. Amazon, Flipkart and other similar platforms provide a wide scope of affiliate marketing. You can earn money by generating a link of a product. If a customer will buy any products from the link which you have shared. You will earn a certain amount of commission.


These were the top few things through which you can make some money in this quarantine period. Hope these ideas would be useful for you.

I am blogger who loves to share knowledge and encourage people . I have a strong belief in Walt Disney's quote "If you can dream it . You can do it ".

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