website building and hosting in easy steps

Website building and hosting is not a very big task .But before you start thinking about the look and feel , colour , content of your site you have to have following thing done first

  1. Have your Domain name  .

Domain name is your online identity for example , . Here .com is a domain type , you can use other domain also like .in  or .net  .com  is for commercial websites. Your  domain name can be any-thing provided that it  should be available . You can check the availability here . You can get it from Go-daddy or Big Rock or any other vendor .

  1. Have a hosting  platform.

Hosting is the space into the  server  to keep  your website like code files , data  images  etc . Space size depends on the scale of business , I would prefer  to take Linux  based hosting as it is cheaper .  You can go for dedicated servers but that would be costly.

  1. CMS Installation.

If you are ready with above two things  you need to a install  a CMS of your choice . CMS  is a content management system , it is a ready-made framework  for fast website building . If you are a non technical person don’t worry about  that , it  is very simple to use .

There are various CMS available like Word press , Joomla , Modex etc  I would suggest  word press  it is the best and simple to use , It has variety of themes and pluggins.

Here is step by step guide for getting a cheap domain registration hosting  from Godaddy .
Steps to install Word-press in Godaddy Server.

  1. Logging to CPanel . See how to log in Cpanel in Godaddy.
  2. Go to Applications in top menu bar.  Application
  3. WordpressGo to Apps for Content Management section .
  4. Select WordPress.
  5. Click Install this Application , remember the username and password or you can change that will be the administrators userid and password.
  6. Application
  7. After Installation open your website in new browser tab .You will find word press home page .
  8. Word Press Home Page

Congratulations.. You are done ,  Now it is time for giving new colourful  themes creating pages , adding new contents .

  1. Go to
  2. Login with administrators userId and password.


  • Changing Theme .

Go to Appreance >>Themes .

Select any of the theme which you like .

  • Create a new page .

Go to Page >>Add  New .

Give a page title “Test” and add your content , Click Publish.

  • Creating a Menu bar.

Go to Appreance >>Menu . Give a new  menu name ,Drag and drop the  Test page you have created from pages box to menu structure.



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