WhatsApp for Android Might Be Move Attachment Button also Make Video Call Button Separate

whats appWhatsApp is said to test particular business devices to start its income stream, and is relied upon to dispatch the steady form at some point later in the year. However meanwhile, WhatsApp is also tweaking couple of things all over to simply enhance the regular experience. With the WhatsApp v2.17.93 beta for Android, the application moves the connection catch, lastly makes the voice and video call catch discrete, something that was selective just to iPhone clients previously.

To start with, when WhatsApp video was propelled in market, the video calling feature was covered up underneath the call button on the upper right edge. By tapping the “call” button, two choices used to pop up – one for voice call and one for video call – and you needed to press the one you favor. Presently, WhatsApp is trying a different video button in the most recent beta rendition of Andriod to make the video calling button more obvious to the clients, and Android Police was the first to detect this change.

The new WhatsApp video call button for Android replaces the connection button that used to sit by the call button, and the connection button has moved to the base nearby the content bar. It sits appropriate close to the camera symbol which has likewise been upgraded. This empowers the client to get to the greater part of the discussion related buttons in one place, and clients will no more need to make a beeline for the top edge just to connect a picture or a record. For iPhone clients, the connection button is as of now close by the content bar at the base of the screen.

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